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Oracle Icons

Web fonts help to improve the build of a website. These web fonts are only created to work in the browser and are therefore ideal for Siebel Open UI. Webfonts are nested into the code of the Website and every user got the same user experience.  Oracle has created its own font in one of the last versions, which gets regular updates with new icons.

How to use Web Fonts in Open UI

In this section we want to use one of the icons in the Icon List in our Siebel System. Therefore we will take following steps. Afterwards, the object which will be extended by adding an icon has to be identified. Therefore, use the CSS Selector of the object (#id, .class, etc.). Within your css file, add ::before or ::after behind the selector and assign the property content: the icon you have selected.

Careful: If the icon is not displayed, add following property to your CSS Selector:
font-family: “oracle”;.
Well done! You have successfully implemented Web Fonts into Siebel Open UI. Now you can use them to improve the user experience.


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