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ec4u Turtle API

Working with Siebel OpenUI – The new Way

Get in touch with the new Turtle Framework, which is supported by a complex API with multiple features, to improve working with Siebel OpenUI.

ec4u has developed a new Framework for Siebel OpenUI projects. Short, easy and well documented functions improve daily developing tasks. Packaging existing Siebel functions, to reduce user inputs and completly new elements.

Get In Touch With ec4u

If you are interested in working with us or using the Turtle API for your projects, get in contact with us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Get More Information

Download our whitepapers and webinar to get expert knowledge about the Turtle API for free.

Continuous Development

It is our effort to continuously improve the Turtle Framework. Our team collects the feedback of many stakeholders across different organizations to find new ideas. Since the first beta in 2015 we expanded the functionality of the framework and we will be adding new features in the future. 

Turtle Timeline


New Documentation

With the release of version 1.3 we also reworked our documentation. To provide the best user experience and provide an easy and accessible documentation a major rework was necessary. The new documentation complements the Turtle API with a clean and fresh interface.

Turtle Version 1.3

Screenshot of the Pop-Up to change the options
Turtle 1.3 introduced some major features: an auto-complete, a magnifier, improvements for List Applets and a easier config. We also improved many existing components and are proud to present the best release of the Turtle yet.

4. Open UI Community Day

4. Open UI Community Day
At the fourth Open UI Community Day in Darmstadt we presented the newest addition to the Turtle API. It is our effort to inform the community about our continuous development. Many new features are based on feedback we got from our customers.

Turtle Version 1.2

Screenshot of a pie chart
Version 1.2 incorporates numerous improvements. The scrollbar, one of our main features, got reworked and is now faster and more reliable. It can be used across the application. Additionally we implemented an easy chart setup and a easier way to work with Siebel events in JavaScript.

Turtle Version 1.1

Screenshot of the changed functionality
Based on the feedback from production application we finished the development of the next Turtle release. Our goal was to provide more components to meet our customers needs. New components for the release are: Textarea PopUp Editor, Siebel History, PR/PM Editor. We also enhanced the user experience of our documentation.


Code Quality
To guarantee the best code quality all methods are checked by QUnit tests. This thoughtful and careful process allows us to meet the high standards we set for the Turtle API.

More methods and more components

More features
With the continuous development of the Turtle API more and more functionality has been added. Over 120 methods have been integrated in the Turtle version 1.0. These methods allowed a faster development for projects and of course more components.

Release of Turtle API 1.0

Screenshot of the Turtle Progressbar
The inital official release of the Turtle API bundled the methods and components to give your Siebel OpenUI project a headstart. To make development even easier we added a full and searchable documentation.

Presentation at Open UI Community Day

Community Day
To introduce the Siebel community to our great product we presented an early version of the Turtle API at the ec4u Open UI Community Day. By discussing ideas with other Siebel stakeholders we could gather more ideas that were incorporated into the Turtle API.

Development of Turtle Components

Screenshot of the Turtle Scrollbar
Development of six optimized, ready-to-use components for Siebel OpenUI: Vertical scrollbar, Google Maps integration, Progress bar, Advanced notification and Workflow panels. These components can be used across the application and enhance the user experience.

Development of Turtle.JS

Turtle Logo
The inital draft of the turtle.js library provided access to 68 functions. These methods were developed to encapsulate Siebel OpenUI functionality and allow to write better code in less time.

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